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Do you fit the profile ?

You have already tried lots of unsuccessful medication and treatments and you feel like you are missing a point because none of them provided you a long lasting result

You feel like you are going round and round in circles and you do not know who to ask for help anymore

As time goes by, your skin does not seem to get any better. You are even afraid that these breakouts will never stop and get permanent scars

Deep inside, you have this feeling that there is a way to get rid of acne and you can not wait to try it

Why Lothaire ?

You have certainly met a lot of professionals during your journey to get rid of acne, so why and how is he different from them ?

The answer is very simple, Lothaire has been through this too. He has experienced everything you are going through. He knows the frustration of waiting and waiting for no results. With professionals, he felt like he did not have all the advice he needed but a simple prescription for resultless medication. 

The support, experience and solutions he shares with you are everything he wanted to have when he went through these unpleasant stage… not so long ago.